Many institutions hold objects related to the Smith crew and the 1919 Air Race. We’ll be adding to this section throughout the year.

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The Commemoration

The Great Air Race of 1919 gripped Australia and the world – indeed, experts say that in its day the Vimy landing in Darwin was as awe-inspiring as man landing on the moon 50 years later. Many commemorative pieces were created to celebrate the epic achievement of Sir Ross Smith and his crew…

50th Anniversary Silver Dish

Image: silver dish featuring engraving around its lip. The engraving includes maker's marks and the logo of Vickers for both 1919 and 1969.

Commemorative Fan

Image: paper fan on a wooden stick

The Smith Brothers

This collections relates to the lives of Ross and Keith Smith. After spending┬ápart of their childhood on Mutooroo Station, near Broken Hill, the boys were educated at Queen’s School in North Adelaide. In 1910, Ross joined the Australian Mounted Cadets and was selected to represent South Australia in an international tour. He enlisted in August 1914, joining the 3rd Light Horse Brigade, and fought in the Dardanelles and at Romani before transferring to the Australian Flying Corps. Keith joined the Royal Flying Corps in Britain in 1917.


Medal Minatures

Image: 6 medals and ribbons aligned. Five of the six are circular and the sixth is a cross with a circular middle and a crown on top.

Cigarette Case

Image: external photo of metal cigarette case. Engraved are the initials KMS and the insignia of the Royal Flying Corps above and underneath

Pilots Wings

Image: two sets of gold braid wings on navy fabric